Team 4011

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Team 4011

Our team was started in 2012 with the help of the 7 Rivers Robotic Coalition. We were assigned the team number 4011. We chose the name Pi-rhobotics with the help of one of our favorite physics teachers. She suggested we use "pyrobotics" for a fire theme. Later we adopted our school’s colors,blue and gold. We used the Greek letters π, ρ, and ꞵ but soon after dropped the beta. Our very first year we named our robot Arnold. This robot started the cherished tradition of naming our robot by going down the alphabet for the first letter and switching the gender each year. Our second year we named our robot Bertha. Bertha took us all the way to nationals! We are forever grateful for such an amazing opportunity so early in our team history. After Bertha there was Charles, Demeter, Edgar, and Flo. We have competed in Duluth, Iowa, and Milwaukee regionals and hope to branch out to other regionals in the future, including the brand new Seven Rivers Regional. Through the coalition we have helped other teams start, grow, and flourish. Our goal is to grow and learn. Together as a team we have faced many obstacles and we have overcome many obstacles as well. We look forward to our future as a team.




Under strict rules, limited resources, and the guidance of volunteer mentors including engineers, teachers, business professionals, parents, alumni and more, teams of 25+ students have just six weeks to build and program robots to perform challenging tasks against a field of competitors. They must also raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and perform community outreach. In addition to learning valuable STEM and life skills, participants are eligible to apply for $50+ million in college scholarships.